AC Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

Dallas is no stranger to hot and humid summers so we’ve compiled a list of AC mistakes to definitely avoid in order to make your summer as cool and comfortable as possible!


Did you know that by adding window coverings, whether it’s an awning outside or blackout curtains within your home, you could reduce your solar heat gain by up to 77%? This means that your home will be significantly cooler, which will save you energy and cooling costs all summer long.

Additionally, just because it’s hot during the day, it doesn't mean you should keep your home closed up all day long. Natural ventilation is a crucial way to keep your home cool in the mornings and the evenings. It also benefits your indoor air quality by allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home.


Don’t skip out on your seasonal maintenance appointment this year. During these check-ins for your HVAC unit, technicians will be able to inspect the unit and see if any issues stand out and recommend the right repairs. This will prevent any premature breakdowns and ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable all summer long.


When the temperatures soar past 100 degrees this year, don’t automatically lower your thermostat 20 degrees in retaliation. This puts a massive strain on your air conditioning unit and will drive up your energy bill.

The closer your indoor temperature is to the temperature outside, the less your air conditioning has to run, which will drastically lower your energy bills. However, when it’s that hot outside, lower your thermostat to 78 degrees. This will cool your home without putting too much stress on your unit.

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